Keto Journey

Week 3 of Keto – Time to “Carb Up”

Sweets just aren’t the same. They’re too sweet. My taste buds have definitely adapted.

My weight loss has plateaued. It’s entirely likely that’s because I’m at my “normal” weight. I could use some more exercise in my regular routine, but I’m at a calorie deficit every day. My Keto coach found some interesting information about carb-up days to kick my body out of ketosis. From what I understand, a carb-up day consists of white flour-based carbs only. Blah blah science.

I’m using today as an all-out cheat day. Screw it. I had some of a Dr. Pepper earlier. Back to my original statement — sweets just aren’t the same. Don’t get me wrong; they’re still delicious. I’m thrilled, however, that I don’t crave them. It’s quite a huge victory for me, given that I used to drink (at times) 60-90 ounces of soda per day. I fully believe my brain was addicted to sugar.

I’m not going to binge on Dr. Pepper or carbs today. I’m having some pizza and soda, sure. But I’m not going to go overboard. Tomorrow I’ll start back into the Keto diet and continue. Plus, eating Keto is a habit by now. It’s mostly what’s in my fridge anyway!


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